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Альбатрос-Сантехника | Electrode Boilers

Electrode Boilers

Principle of electrode boiler operation

    Electrode boilers are electric boilers that operate on alternating current and heat water to heat any premises. Structurally, it is a metal pipe with a rod metal electrode on the axis. Water flows through a pipe that is provided by the circulation pump. An alternating electric current flows in the water between the tube and the rod electrode. Due to this, the water is heated, which provides room heating.



  • small size;

  • economy;

  • environmental friendliness (absence of combustion products);

  • automatic control;

  • no costs for fuel delivery and storage;

  • low inertia;

  • high degree of safety;

  • highest efficiency compared to other types of boilers.

Electrode boiler manufacturers

    Today online store Albatros-Santekhnika has several brands of electrode boilers:

    Boilers HotPot are manufactured at Ukraine, Kharkiv. These boilers has the lowest cost, high level of technical characteristics, 5 year warranty. Production of the company Gazda is made in Ukraine, the town Govti Vodi. In manufacturing of Gazda boilers are used the author original innovation technologies that was patented in Ukraine. Due to this moment, Gazda heaters are popular with people. And Galan - is the pioneers of electrode boilers direction. It's the first known in the world manufacturer of electrode heaters. Quality, wide experience and the long-term trust correspond to that brand.

How to buy

  • before you buy the electrode boiler we are strongly recommend to consult of our specialists. To consult you can connect with our managers of 
    e-mail: albatros.mailbox@gmail.com
    , viber: +38 093 710 80 45, telegram: +38 093 710 80 45; WatsApp +38 066 922 51 00

  • when electrode boiler is clearly chosen you have to pay the bill;

  • we carry out the delivery of the boiler;

  • for all quations on installation and configuration you can consult and get full information.One of the fastest, most convenient ways without intermediaries and with a minimum commission is the payment of cryptocurrency.

    We accept payments in the most popular cryptocurrencies:


  • Bitcoin (BTC)

  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

  • Litecoin (LTC)

  • Zcash (ZEC)

  • Ethereum (ETH)

  • Dash (DASH)


    The cost of delivery of goods in Europe varies from $ 30 to $ 40. Requirements for international shipments - weight should not exceed 10 kg per one place.

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